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24 Nov

How to become a lawyer: What you need to do

Posted in Blog on 24.11.14 by Merlyn

Wondering how to become a lawyer? The path to become an attorney is competitive and lengthy but if you work hard, it will be worth it. Get the best possible grades from early in life so that you can get accepted by the best schools. While in high school, try your hardest to get good grades and become an active participant in the debate team. Being a member of the debate team will help you to hone your skills. It will also help you to figure out whether this is the right career path for you or not.

After finishing high school, attend a reputable college and get a four year undergraduate degree. You do not necessarily have to study pre-law but it would be a good idea to at least study mathematics, English and government. Pad your resume by doing volunteer work and taking part in campus politics. You still need to get a good GPA while in college. You should take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) when you are still in college and make sure you do your best on the test as it will be used to compare you to all the other applicants of law school.


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